What's in a name?

This week a friend of mine asked me: "Why is it called Yetric? Any idea behind it or is it just something you grabbed from thin air?". There is an idea. Actually. If you have 2-3 minutes to spare, I share how the name came about below.

Why is the company called Yetric?

I (Mattias) have had a company for over 10 years. Mainly focusing on building smaller projects and hoping that one of the projects sooner or later would generate some income. During that period I have learned a lot about finding niches, crafting the offer, measure how well the product deliver to the user and to the products owner (that is often me). One of the things I am really proud of in my life is that me and my dad built a house in 2010. I lived there for over 7 years with my three kids and my wife. During 2011 or something I changed my individual company named Strategio to a limited company, I tried to keep the name, but I wasnt allowed since naming limited companies is harder than individual ones, there are more rules (at least here in Sweden), so I had to pick a new name for the company. I used the address to the house me and my dad built and used that for a name, 80 Ridge Street Media, I added media since it is vague and kind of lets you offer a lot of different services and products. I was quite happy with the name.

In 2017 me and my wife went through a divorce and we sold the house. I was really close to quit everything that had to do with having a business. But after some reasoning with my self I decided to continue, but the name felt strange, it was named after something I didn't own anymore and it just didn't feel right. So I had to come up with a new name.

What DO I wanna do for a living? - That was the big question. I wanna live off my products. In order to do that, I need to either scale them up, build new ones or build and sell products. I dont wanna sell stuff that I built. It felt crap when I sold the house I had built and I really wanted to create stuff that I owned and cared about. Ok, so what am I good at? I am quite good at coding, building User Experiences, measuring the impact and tweak products according to data. So I decided on two things:

  1. I must do some consulting in order to be able to make a living the first years
  2. I want to build a product that helps small business owners with the stuff I had been working on for a long time

What name should the product mentioned in 2 have? Yet another metric solution? That's where I found the name Yet another met__ric__ solution. I checked domain names, social media accounts etc and Yetric was born. I registered the new name and that's what's in a name. Whats your story?